Friday, February 5, 2016

Beauty | Nude nails with glitter and dots

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Hey loves! Here I am with another beauty post for you! My updated nails are here ;)
This time I had a little bit more time and inspiration to do them! Started with painting them nude and then decided to add some black dots using a dotting tool and added some gold glitter using a sponge technique cause you get much better result than using a brush. It's so so easy to do it and also quick way to paint nails without them being ordinary, if that is your thing though ;) Hope you like it and find it inspirational. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Outfit | Stripes and mustard

c&a black pu faux leather jacket, mustard scarf, outfit, striped sweater dress, white sneakers

Hey you! Are you having fun week so far!?
This weather has been so crazy lately, there is no transition between extremely cold and warm, and my head wants to explode. Cloudy, rainy weather and extreme changes of weather affect me, I start having terrible headaches. Oh well those are my problems ;) But I still try and go for a walk!
This was my casual outfit for a partially rainy partially sunny day. I been shopping like crazy now on sale, so many cute things for such affordable prices. I found this striped sweater dress in Stradivarius for like $10 and it fits so good. Made it casual with white sneakers and trusty faux leather jacket. What do you guys say about this look!? I'm gonna be styling other things I got too ;)
Love you...

Monday, February 1, 2016

Outfit | Faux fur jacket

Hey loves! Happy Monday! Hope you had a lovely weekend!
I know I've been bit MIA lately but I didn't feel so good. I caught pretty bad cold, I never felt so bad before, I had fever for three days in a row, it was quite overwhelming. So I took some time to rest, relax and feel better. But I'm back now, and I did miss you all, did you miss me too?! ;) 
I'm back with an outfit of the day for you. As I promised I styled my faux fur jacket that I got on my vacation from H&M. I kinda imagined this look with it, a sweater, bit of lace peaking through and over the knee boots. I just feel it's a such a match, especially styling lace and fur! What do you guys think of a combo like this!? 
Talk to you soon...

Friday, January 22, 2016

Beauty | Ombre nails

#nails, nails, diy nails, natural nails, short nails, ombre nails, nail design, nail art

Hey loves! How are you all!?
I'm doing another beauty related post! Honestly it's so so cold outside that I just don't know how to take photos outside that are representable, cause only thing that you'll be able to see are my eyes, everything else is absolutely covered up ;) !!! And I'm not a big fan of inside photo shoot just because I don't have right tools for that! So I turned to beauty, that I actually really do love as much as fashion. This time my nails are winter inspired, white and blue ombre nails. It's bit messy to do but easy. I couldn't be bothered to add some kind of design, I'm not feeling to well, I think I'm catching a cold ;/ but I'm leaving a link to my blog post where I explained how you can do ombre nails easy and mess free HERE along with some other nail hacks!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Beauty | Mofain hair extensions

Hey guys! Happy Monday!!!
Here I am doing another beauty review for you guys, and it's gonna be all about hair extensions, and not any hair extensions but MOFAIN.COM HAIR EXTENSIONS. is an online store that sells 100% human hair products (hair wefts, hair extensions, wigs, hair tools and accessories...) They aspire to become the best hair products online store by offering high quality products at cheap prices. I was contacted recently by lovely Sherry to do a review of some of their products. I chose their clip in hair extensions from their silk straight collection. The reason I go for clip in extensions instead of any other type is because  they are the easiest for me to use, since my hair is already long I just need them for an extra volume. Well this time I went for ones that are actually longer then my natural hair so I did added length as well as the volume. I chose 24" in a color #8 that you can find HERE. My hair is about 18" long so these are pretty longer but they did blended nicely. The quality is great, and they do feel silky to touch and look so shiny. The only thing I missed is the color, well it was hard to choose from a photo to match perfectly to my hair, so I did dyed them one shade darker to match my color. It turned out amazing. The whole process of dying them, washing and drying them was so easy and they didn't shred what so ever. I'm so pleased with the quality I can't stress it enough. On their site you have all the help you need: size chart, color chart, how to apply, how to care about them,,, everything you need to know. They can also custom color them in any color you need.
So guys if you are searching for hair extensions, hair wefts, wigs or any hair tools you should check MOFAIN.COM and don't worry they ship worldwide!!!